6 maart 2017

Digitalisering voor een grotere focus op de mens

Wat vinden talenten fijn? Welke profielen passen perfect bij welke partner? In de afgelopen jaren heeft The Hospitalitist een veelheid aan data verzameld die waardevolle inzichten […]
20 januari 2017

“Leuke diensten, een heerlijke sfeer en lekker eten”

Vandaag gaan we in gesprek met Erwin Wigchert, oprichter en ex-bestuurslid van Facilitas. Hij werkt al iets meer dan een jaar als talent voor The Hospitalist […]
8 juli 2016

More brainpower? Exercise!

Researchers have known for decades that aerobic exercise and training is good for the human brain. In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have discovered a specific molecule […]
8 juli 2016

Not feeling confident? Fake it ’til you make it!

Sometimes you feel like you’re in over your head. How do you “fake it ‘til you make it”? What the Experts Say Feeling anxious about a […]
30 juni 2016

And the Talent-mic goes to: Mike van den Berg

Let us introduce you to… Mike van den Berg! Having grown and developed himself thoroughly over time at The Hospitalitist, we passed the mic to Mike […]
6 juni 2016

Learn to think like a leader

As talents of The Hospitalitist, we are ambitious to move through the phases to become leaders and gain managerial skills. The following are a few tips […]
6 juni 2016

Too many tasks, not enough energy? Here are tips!

We have all been in situations where we have too many tasks and not enough energy. Here are a few tips on how to manage this […]
31 mei 2016

3 pieces of career advice from successful young CEO’s

As we are growing up and discovering what the future of our lives will hold, we often look towards our successful superiors and reflect on their […]
31 mei 2016

The power of positivity

  Positivity is a powerful quality not only to help you in your every day personal life, but also in your professional future. The art of […]
27 mei 2016

Internship Success Plan

In today’s fast-changing world of work, your professional career will include many new positions. So for interns or trainees, it’s never too early to learn how […]
25 mei 2016

Career advice for millennials from Margaret Heffernan CEO of 5 businesses

  The following is an exert from an article by Margaret Heffernan, an inspiring woman in the world of business giving young people career advice about […]
24 mei 2016

How to identify a great empowering company culture

As the Millennial generation gears up to be the biggest working generation to brace the planet earth, it is important for employees and managers alike to […]
23 mei 2016

No, I’m not just a student- how to be taken seriously as a young professional

As Gen Y’s, we are often accused of being too casual both in attitude and in dress. No matter how much we wish that the more […]
11 april 2016

A successful LinkedIn profile!

In the world of social media, your professional profile must look different from your Facebook one! For potential future employers and your network, the following are […]
11 april 2016

Why hospitality skills will help you in every other field

  Something positive about part-time student jobs: it makes us tougher! Ever wonder how those late nights working at restaurants and events will help you in […]
11 april 2016

Talent: the new description of an employee

Ever wonder how your job title as a Talent will actually mean something on your CV, and if your future employer will appreciate your talent in […]
5 april 2016

Students: Network your way to success!

Ask yourself, what do I want to get out of this? Do you want to spread awareness about a start-up project you’re involved in, get advice […]
4 april 2016

How to handle a difficult conversation?

Ever stand on the work floor or been in a situation where you had to communicate a message which was not so comfortable ? Perhaps a […]
7 maart 2016

CAREER SEARCH PT 2: Where is my dream job ?

Now that you know how to find your driving force, the why behind our actions, the next logical step is to identify what the career possibilities are […]
29 februari 2016

CAREER SEARCH PT 1: How to find your driving force, to help find your dream job!

The Millennial generation is living in a world with an overwhelming amount of information coming from all directions, endless opportunities and career possibilities. So many, that […]
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