Hospitality services

Top of the bill hospitality services are indispensable nowadays. As a human capital partner, The Hospitalitist supports organizations that highly value service and want to improve their hospitality. Whether these organizations are hospitality-related or not, that does not matter. We believe that hospitality forms the basis for a better service. Both internally and externally. This service is offered at The Hospitalitist as a subscription in the form of recruitment, selection, flex-solutions, trainings, HR-support, planning and coaching. Curious how we can support your organization? Please find below our hospitality services per branch.

Our hospitality services per branche

Our services and our flexibility can be used for whatever you need. Whether this is within a museum or during an event, we will help you find the right solutions and employees. In addition, The Hospitalitist supports organizations on a monthly basis with recruitment and selection, HR-support, planning, coaching and much more! Read more about the possibilities per sector below.

Client Support & Backoffice
Museums & Attractions
Brand activation & Festivals
Catering & Events
Restaurants & Locations

Why The Hospitalitist?

With more than 600 employees and more than 15 years of experience within the hospitality industry, The Hospitalitist knows better than anyone how much hospitality can mean for an organization. We do not only want to keep that knowledge to ourselves, but we are happy to share it with our partners. Because in a world in which we are becoming increasingly digital, it is precisely those real contact moments that are of inestimable value. We ensure that your organization utilizes these contact moments with the right capital: people.

As your human capital partner, we believe in a continuously changing world, and thus the changing needs of your organization. Each phase has its own challenges, but with The Hospitalitist by your side, it is easy to switch when needs are changing. This way we can be ready at any time. We call it Service as a Service. Curious about our approach?

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Our unique approach

The Hospitalitist is your human capital partner on a subscription basis. We bring the hospitality gen in your organization. Instead of human resources, we speak of human capital, because we believe people are capital. You invest in your capital. We also believe in a continuously changing world that accompanies the changing needs of your organization. Each phase has its own challenges. As a human capital partner, we are happy to change with you by being there for you at any time.

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